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Why use essential oils?

Why use essential oils?

Essential oils are the living essences of plant material-herbs, spices, seeds, rind, bark, leaves, twigs, and flowers. True essential oils-those derived from natural sources-have been scientifically proven to be anti-infectious, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, antifungal, antiparasitic, and truly life-enhancing in every way!

Essential oils are also historically proven, having been used for thousands of years as beauty treatments, in meditation and worship, for treating all manner of illness, to cleanse and disinfect, and in general, to improve the lives of people around the globe. Just as importantly, when used properly, they do not have the side-effects and dangers found with over-the-counter medications and prescription pharmaceuticals.

When you hold a bottle of TRUessence Essential Oil (from the ForeverGreen company), you are holding the essence of Mother Nature in your hand. The infinite power of the plant kingdom is in that little bottle-and it brings with it an endless array of health benefits, natural goodness, and amazing aromas!

Why therapeutic-grade?

Organic or wildcrafted therapuetic-grade essential oils contain nothing artificial, nor have they been grown or extracted with artificial and harmful fertilizers or solvents. They contain no nut oils, extenders, or synthetic additives which diminish or conteract their therapeutic action. They are carefully selected with the utmost importance given to botanical species, country of origin, growing conditions, harvesting and extraction method, and even which part of the plant is used. Each of these factors greatly impact the quality and therapeutic properties of the essential oil.

Therapeutic essential oils can be used in so many preventative and pleasureable ways:
* Supercharge your immune system and fight illness and disease
* Provide your body with the raw materials and energies needed to assist repair and healing
* Indulge in a relaxing massage or unwind with a hot, soothing bath
* Relieve a headache or ease aches and pains
* Lift your spirits, calm overly-rambunctious kids, or set a romantic mood
* Quiet your mind or energize your day
* Chase away mice and the things that "bug" you
* Disinfect your environment and protect your family
* Add flavor to your food and purify your drinking water
* The list is endless...

Why TRUessence?

With a commitment to essential oils that is "true", TRUessence, a division of ForeverGreen Internationsl, set out to work with the very best. Forging a partnership with essential oils expert and master aromatherapist Alexandria Brighton, TRUessence brings to the world only the most pristine organic and/or wildcrafted pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. Hence, TRUessence!

While there is no rating system for assuring quality, you can recognize the pure, pristine nature of TRUessence essential oils by their unadulterated aromas, the clear energies of each bottle, the assurance of quality on file for each and every batch, as well as the assurance of Alexandria Brighton. Her 25+ years of master blending and global aromatherapy work stands behind the efficacy and quality of each and every bottle!

TRUessence essential oils are stringently sourced from providers who meet Alexandria's strict standards of quality control-from see to bottle. A representative sample of each lot is tested before purchase. The country of origin and specific botanical species of each oil must be known for proper evaluation, as differences in plant varieties and geograaphical location will impact the composition of, and constituents in, the oil.

TRUessence defines ech different type or species of essential oil with its own unique item number. Every lot is tested using gas chromatography, flame ionization detection, and mass spectrometry to verify its chemical composition and ensure that it is all-natural and completely free of synthetic additives or extenders. Physical testing includes aroma, refractive index, specific gravity, optical rotation, and closed cup flash point. Test results must be maintained within a very specific acceptable range for each oil or it is rejected. As geographical location and plant species produce unique characteristics in the oil, and natural variation is inevitable with any truly natural product due to weather conditions and other factors, these tests ensure that TRUessence oils are 100% pure and natural, and that their quality can be counted on to be consistent with every bottle.

The ability to trace the origin of the oils is of utmost importance to TRUessence and ForeverGreen. Recognizing that essential oils are used in a multitude of ways-from cosmetics to aromatherapy to food products and nutrition-it is imperative that only the most pristine therapeutic-grade oils be sourced for TRUessence. The food industry's GMP(Good Manufacturing Prctice) Guidelines mandate lot traceability, and these guidelines are an integral component of the company's quality control system.

Nowhere will higher standards be found than with TRUessence essential oils. When we state that TRUessence essential oils are 100% pure, you can be assured that they are 100% pure... not 51%, not 75%, not 99% pure. 100 % pure.

How can TRUessence Essential Oils be used?

TRUessence essential oils can be used in many ways! Applied "neat" on location or blended with a carrier oils, they're great in massage, reflexology, first aid, and as a personal fragrance. Diffuse then for their aromatic benefits in your home, office, or place of business. Incorporate then nto your daily personal care and household cleaning routines. Add then to baths for relacination or therapeutic needs. Use then for flavoring and health-enhancing benefits in your dressings, sauces and foods.

There are countless ways to use TRUessence Essential oils, and you may even be inspired to create some ways of your own. Whatever the need, whatever the occasion, whatever the situation, you will undoubtedly discover what so many have learned through the ages ... essential oils are an essential part of daily life, enhancing our energy, vitality, and sense of well-being. Once you experience the pristine nature of TRUessence Essential OIls, you will never want to be without them ... and you'll discover for yourself that they are, truly, "essential" oils! Enjoy!

(This material was provided as a promotional tool by the TRUessence division of ForeverGreen International, 2009)

I have been studying the benefits of plants since the middle 1980's, beginning with herbs to cleanse body toxicity. That was the beginning of my journey into the world of taking responsibility for one's own health. It has continued to be an exciting path that I encourage more people to walk.

Until next time,
Rosemary Bourne

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